The Wasteland War (Genrenauts Episode 7)

Michael R. Underwood
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The Stabby-Award finalist Genrenauts series returns with a new short adventure across the worlds of narrative!

Exiled team leader Angstrom King has spent the past three months tracking the mysterious world-hopping gang that cost him his job. When an alliance goes sour in the Wasteland region of the Post-Apocalypse world, he may have found his chance.

Things get more complicated when the story breach attracts his former team, now under the stern command of a former friend. Can King help his team, solve the mystery, and keep off of the High Council's radar? In a world where hope is more precious than water, he'll have to fight for every chance to redeem himself—or die trying.

This short novella (~18,000 words) continues the beloved Genrenauts series of interdimensional adventures for fans of Leverage, Planetary, and Quantum Leap.

  • Novella in the Genrenauts series

  • r/Fantasy Stabby Award
  • Novella in the Genrenauts series
  • r/Fantasy Stabby AwardFinalist
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The Wasteland War (Genrenauts Episode 7)

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